I coach entrepreneurs and self-employed people with their own practice to

  • understand what it means to be emotional – and financially successful
  • create clarity on your helicopterview on entrepreneurship and / or practice
  • experience what it takes to generate more impact and energy
  • address from positivism and authenticity
  • experience business security
  • take a “next step”
  • more important to know as a human being and organisation, socially and financially

Together we concretize and guide you and/or the organization to the desired goals and objectives, however … beautiful ideas and plans are worth nothing without concrete action and inspiring implementation.

You’re living that!

You just don’t think so, you are so, inwardly – and outwardly one appearance and as a result

  • happy customers
  • enthusiastic employees
  • an inspiring company or practice

A focus on HUMAN BEING … your deep-seated inner drive, what do you stand for as a human being and leader and ORGANIZATION … inspiring movement, which keeps intensifying the group and its impact.

We are increasingly attracted to authenticity and relevance and that offers the opportunity to take responsibility and delivers what we promise.

Live who and what you are NOW, what you stand for!

It is always a confluence of movement from all, you as individual, the organization, your environment. We crawl into your soul and into the skin of the organization and move deliberately and step-by-step.

I am there for you as a sparring partner and inspiration, I speak clear language and I am a professional mirror.

An inspiring, practical, no nonsense approach with lasting impact and certainly no thick reports or presentations.

My added value is that I can be temporarily cooperating, lacking energy, time or manpower, then I am employable for interim entrepreneurship.

Together we concretize and move the change, resulting in: Growth and development of you personally and businesswise.

Human being:

  • How do I translate my soul mission into entrepreneurship?
  • Does money attract you or bump you off?
  • I work hard, but how do I get more satisfaction?
  • What blockade prevents you from gaining strength and putting into the world that what makes you happy?
  • I’m being addressed to my leadership, where to start?
  • How do I first make myself a growth step before I grow my organization?


  • Making plans we do right, but how do we implement them?
  • Feel that it can be done differently, but where to start?
  • How do I translate strategy into implementation