Meet your true SELF (at soul level) and experience a sense of change, liberation and passion!

What’s keeping you busy NOW and what’s your DESTINY?

At its core, the question we relate to, including underlying themes …

  • what do you want with your life?
  • what connections, private or business, matter?
  • how do you implement that?
  • what generates energy and what only costs energy?
  • what blocks you and why?

Every question is welcome!

I share on the basis of “profoundly lived and felt” and bring in all my knowledge, experience and wisdom, especially from my “not-knowing”.

I’m a “catalyst”, I

  • have the energy to polarize you and situations
  • attract change, lift it and promote a breath of fresh air
  • ignite passivity and stagnation
  • declare “death” to complacency and apathy
  • plant seeds of human growth

We live in a catalyzing time, where we are challenged to recognize and use new opportunities and greater potential.

In recent years I myself have been unfairly confronted with a criminal trial and have questioned myself deeply to clarify questions such as “Why am I gaining the experiences that life has offered me to date?”. I travelled with myself in nature of the Pyrenees, in silence, connecting, travelling and being openly curious about “what next?”. There it became clear “I have to speak out!”.

This period was without a doubt my catalyst for further change and growth, which I would never have experienced otherwise.

A reality framework, just as it should be, given the lessons to be learned and the qualities I have developed to solve the problems that prevent me from developing in this framework.

Perhaps frameworks are so perfect that we cannot see perfection through the limited framework of our human understanding and may therefore always have so-called problems, because they are the catalysts for our inner growth and expansion and thus in fact our flowered blessings.

During the general – or specific events I will bring in guided meditation, music, movement and dance and there is plenty of time for both “being on your own” and community engagement.