From Confusion to Wondering!


BE with what IS, what holds you back?


In essence, the question I share and relate to with you!

How do you deal with crisis, unexpected elements and moments, negativity, people and relationships !?

Examples of themes that may come up:

  • The ISness of things
  • Dark night of the soul
  • “Letting go”
  • “On The Edge of …” …
  • OH!?
  • (un) conscious life, destiny, meaning, relationship, personal / spiritual growth & leadership, a path of self-awareness and self-examination.

We are interactive, with that which presents itself, being open, vulnerable, sharing, asking, feeling and experiencing, dare to BE!

What prevents you NOT from living on the basis of authority, imposed cultural patterns and social determination, “out of the box” joyfully and fulfilling with a focus on body mind and soul, in an inner – and outer dynamic of BEING?

A look at yourself, a new and unbiased meeting in relation to your fellow human being, affairs and circumstances.

What do you want with your life, which connections, private or business, matter, how do you give substance to that, what provides energy and what only costs energy, what blocks you and why?