Over-Life(s) “lived” …

Father of 2, now adult, grown up, sons and have been allowed to gain life lessons in a family with 4 siblings, the untimely death of my father (1970), the recovery of a serious car accident, divorce, (business) bankruptcy, relations, criminal proceedings…

Once as an 18-year-old, during my studies HEAO Small Business, started as an independent entrepreneur and from a sole proprietorship to a holding structure with different operating companies, global import/export and own product development, outsourcing production and assembly worldwide.

Then, as a self-employed person, projects carried out in the field of design, marketing, sales, im – and export and reorganization and again starting an int. company

I was then able to experience clearly that personal and business are inextricably linked, we as a human being and entrepreneur have to make the translation …

After many years as an independent international entrepreneur living out of ambition, the need arose to want to live more out of wisdom and meaning. Great inspiration to this was found in Wayne Dyer’s book “The Shift” and led to me having been allowed to follow many festival, Vision Quest, session, inter-vision, supervision, friends / men’s groups, workshop, course and training, including in the field of haptonomy, Voice expression, Sound healing, Buddhism, Shamanism, Taoism, Tantra, psychology, philosophy, philosophy, philosophy, philosophy, philosophy, soul work, …

A path of self-study, research & acceptance, overcoming anxiety, shame and guilt, loneliness, life experience, knowledge and wisdom, a soul journey …

In 2017 I was wrongly confronted with a precedent criminal trial, in which the question of whether “facilitating Tantric sessions on the basis of consent is therapeutic work” and falls under medical care and is therefore punishable by definition. In 1st instance, judges ruled that it is punishable.

On the basis of this ruling, we filed an appeal, in which the court ruled in our favor that Tantra does not fall under medical care. However, it has now been determined that it falls under social care and is therefore again punishable.

This has led to us being in Cassation to obtain clarity about tantric working. This is partly in view of the current political discussion on this point.

To deepestly question myself and get clarity on questions about “why I gain the experiences that life so far offers me” I travel with myself in the nature of the Pyrenees, in silence, binding, binding and curious from open to “what next?” … it became clear that “I have to speak out”.

In particular, the “unmentionable”, my intuition and sensitivity lead to an energetic shift and provide space for unique answers, in which my body, soul and mind act as a fine-grained antenna.

Every meeting, speaking are a mirror to you and me and in it you are my teachers, who fit my stage of development. That, in the moment, and not all training, knowledge and experience, is the “tools for deeper tinkering”.

“accepting your personal grandeur allows you to bring out the greatness in the other” … my strength lies in being attentive, “standing”, openness, listening and loving, without judgment hitting the core. In addition to a strong intuitive and empathetic power, I know my own limitations, preliminary answers and unexplained issues.

Like to bring in my vitality, creativity, playfulness and helicopterview and feel great gratitude to share my experience.

“To really help people, you have to be able to understand them first – but you can’t understand someone else until you understand yourself. Know yourself; prepare; develop clarity, courage and sensitivity to apply pressure, in the right place and the right time. After that, you have to take action.” Dan Millman – The spiritual journey of the peaceful warrior.

People who have inspired me for the past 20 years include:
– A.H. Almaas
– Mantak Chia
– Andreas Moritz
– Daniel Odier
– David Deida
– Eckhardt Tolle
– Wayne W. Dyer
– J. Krishnamurti
– Michael Newton